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Which camera to make video on YouTube and LinkedIn?

Camera for YouTube and LinkedIn videos



This article differs from the usual editorial line where I share with you how to gain customers with LinkedIn , source the best talents or find a job with LinkedIn .

I made this video because the video explodes and it is very useful in social selling . It brings what is lacking in digital: humanity.

So, after having looked for a long time for the right versatile camera for vlogging, interviews, quality videos on LinkedIn and YouTube … I found what might just be the perfect camera: the Sony RX 100 VII.

The best video material for professional results

Here are my material recommendations for professionals who want versatility and a professional image:

Sony RX 100 VII review
Sony RX 100 VII review

Sony DSC-RX100M7 High Speed Compact Expert Digital Camera 24-200mm Zoom Lens, Black .
Quite simply the best quality / functionality / size ratio for the next few years!

It is simply stunning and fits in a pocket!

● Shoots in 4K with stabilization.
● There is no 30 min limit! It is rare enough to specify it! You can film conferences or trainings.
● Successful photos and videos with the best autofocus on the market.
● A microphone jack.
● Slow motion and slow motion of space.
● Swivel screen for vlogs
● GPS / NFC…

In short, I finally found the perfect device:
PS: I am not paid by Sony to say that.

By default, 4K is limited to 5 min, after 24 hours of research, here’s how to remove it.

In the configuration menu 3 in [Tmp OFF voltage. aut.] set it to [High].
To find on Amazon:

Sony RX 100 VII batteries and charger
Sony RX 100 VII batteries and charger

Batteries and charger →

The SONY compatible SD card and also smartphone compatible, it accepts 4K →

The essential Jobby’s Gorillapod →

Protective cage and fixings for Sony DSC-RX100 M6 M7 compatible;) →

To attach the microphone →

The best microphone at a low price →

LED light panel, adjustable in intensity and heat, with integrated battery, for less than 40 € it’s very nice material! →

I recommend two.

UV filter to protect the lens →

ND filters →

Screen Protectors →

Lavalier microphone: Sony ICD-TX 650B (Dictaphone) →

Less expensive video kit for stabilized videos always in 4K

Do you find it expensive? I made up another cheaper LinkedIn and YouTube video kit :

GoPro type VLOG and sport camera (better and cheaper than GoPro): YI 4K + →
Ranked better than GoPro and 3 times cheaper, it is extraordinary for filming in 4K with stabilization at a lower cost and without worrying about autofocus!

Aluminum protective and cooling case for the YI 4K + camera on which you can put the microphone →

Micro Rode for Vlogs with windshield →

YI camera adapter (USB C) to a microphone (jack), essential to put the microphone →

Micro SD card compatible with high quality 4K recording →

The essential Jobby’s Gorillapod →

Optional: additional battery →

Making Video on LinkedIn: Important Reminders

I have already written several articles on the LinkedIn video, which I invite you to read so as not to make “mistakes” which would be penalized by the LinkedIn algorithm :

To read also: YouTube ™: key figures 2021 (2020) and full statistics

Which camera to make video: in conclusion

The best camera is the one you have on you. Because professional life means that the best moments (hot testimonials, meetings, events …) are not necessarily planned. It is important to be able to “unsheathe” your equipment to seize the moment, the one that will not be prepared and which will therefore be more authentic.

So, you have 3 options:

  1. The professional kit;
  2. The alternative kit (with which I filmed for years);
  3. Your smartphone, provided you have a microphone or lapel microphone and one small tripod .

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