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Have you heard of LinkedIn™ Pulse and want to know its benefits? So, to boost your content and acquire an expert image on LinkedIn™, read on!

It’s no longer a secret that LinkedIn™ is the most widely used professional platform in the world . Much more than a simple social network, LinkedIn™ is a tool that fits into your marketing strategy and gives access to many advantages such as boosting your visibility with your community. In addition to having access to many actions thanks to the LinkedIn™ menu, you can also publish a pulse article to demonstrate your writing skills.

linkedin pulse

How does LinkedIn™ pulse work and how do I use it? We reveal our expert secrets in this article.

Concretely, what is LinkedIn™ Pulse?

This is the LinkedIn™ content writing and publishing platform. The posts have the particularity of being similar to real blog articles. To access LinkedIn™ Pulse, simply log in to your profile and click on “write an article” at the top of the home page.

Moreover, initially Pulse is an application belonging to Apple. After its acquisition in 2013, it underwent a redesign and became an integral part of LinkedIn™. Today Pulse being part of the social network, its name is no longer systematically used. Its use is spreading thanks to influencers who are quickly adopting the update of this LinkedIn™ content platform.

What is LinkedIn pulse

Pulse allows you to publish an article on LinkedIn™ and therefore demonstrate your expertise as well as your mastery of the desired language (French, English , Spanish, etc.). It’s a great way to bring content with high added value and boost your notoriety with your community.

LinkedIn is the 1st BtoB lead generation platform! Taking care of your image and positioning yourself as an expert in your field of activity is therefore essential for obtaining professional appointments and gaining contacts.

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What are the benefits of leveraging LinkedIn™ Pulse?

It is an effective tool for developing your contacts and forging new professional relationships. By publishing your articles, you do not specifically increase your visibility on the platform, because the LinkedIn™ algorithm favors native posts, however, it allows you to:

  • Disseminate quality content and position you as an expert;
  • Attract users to your profile , website or social media pages;
  • Improve your ranking on Google™, because Pulse articles are taken into account by its algorithms;
  • Strengthen your inbound marketing strategy;
  • Drive engagement for your posts by sharing and engaging with users who comment and react.

We can compare Pulse from LinkedIn™ to a portfolio in which your prospects find a set of attractive, neat, illustrated (images, videos) and well-positioned content.

How do I use LinkedIn™ Pulse?

To use Pulse and start writing your article, the first thing to do is to connect to your LinkedIn ™ profile. from a computer. Indeed, the Pulse platform is not available in a mobile version.

LinkedIn pulse: how to write an article?

Then, just go to your home page, and click on “write an article”, located at the bottom right under the bubble “start a post”.

LinkedIn pulse: how to write an article?

An interface similar to that of a blog then appears. You have the possibility to:

  • Add a title: this is the first piece of information that reaches your audience, so make it catchy and relevant. Make them want to read your content, arouse their curiosity and arouse interest. Try not to write a title that is too boilerplate and common, but break the codes so that your title is attractive.
  • Put visuals: a cover photo, images and videos to illustrate your text. Visuals are extremely important in an article. They work in your favor by making your article more attractive and interesting. Canva allows you to create and export attractive visuals in your image, in a few clicks. It is the solution for professionals to create all types of visuals.

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According to a study, Internet users only read 20% of the text on a web page! Articles with visuals are read 94% more than those without!

You can indulge yourself on writing, as LinkedIn™ articles can be up to 125,000 characters, which is about 20,000 words! In comparison, classic publications have a maximum of 1300 characters.

LinkedIn pulse: how to use Linkedin pulse?

When your article is finished, click “publish”, then there is a small moment of throbbing before you know if your content is showing on your newsfeed. In this specific case, all your contacts are alerted to the release of your article using a notification.

When you post, make sure you’re connected and available to respond to feedback from your audience. Indeed, during the first hours of publication, your article generates more reading, interactions and views. So be present to respond to your audience.

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LinkedIn™ Pulse to conclude

Pulse is a LinkedIn™ feature that allows you to write articles, like on a blog. It is an effective way to distribute attractive, relevant and well-positioned content on Google™. Here are the takeaways:
  • Accessing Pulse is only possible from a computer, the mobile version does not offer this service;
  • Your articles can contain up to 125,000 characters compared to 1300 for a native publication. In addition, there is the possibility of adding images, photos and videos to embellish the content;
  • Thanks to Pulse, you reinforce your image as an expert in your field of activity;
  • By positioning yourself as an expert, you attract more visitors to your LinkedIn™ profile or your website;
  • As soon as your new content is released, all your contacts are notified by notification;
  • The article can be shared but also commented and liked.

LinkedIn™ Pulse to summarize in 4 questions

Comment accéder à Pulse sur LinkedIn™ ?

To write a Pulse article on LinkedIn™, all you need to do is:

  • Log into your profile from a computer;
  • Go to your home page;
  • Click on “write an article”, at the bottom right of the bar under the heading “start a post”.
  • You can start writing like on a blog, then illustrate with photos and/or videos.

Note that it is not possible to access Pulse from a mobile version.

Comment faire un pulse ?

To make a pulse, that is to say, write an article on the LinkedIn™ platform, it is necessary to connect from a computer. Indeed, the mobile version does not allow you to produce Pulse content on LinkedIn™. Log in to your profile, then on your home page, click on “write an article”. This section is located at the bottom right of the “start a post” bubble.

Pourquoi utiliser Pulse sur LinkedIn™ ?

One of the LinkedIn™ features allows you to produce and publish publications and content in the form of articles, such as on a blog, this is Pulse. Its interest is above all to show and disseminate your writing expertise to your audience. By posting relevant content that contains images and videos as well as quality text, you provide useful information on the chosen topic. This can be your social media marketing strategy and drive more visitors to your website.

Quelles différences entre un article et une publication LinkedIn™ ?

The native LinkedIn™ post can contain 1300 characters, so it’s all about hovering over a topic.

A pulse LinkedIn™ article is similar to blog content. A cover photo can be added as well as several illustrations and videos. Finally, the number of characters can go up to 125,000.

Sources: LinkedIn.com , Combustible.ca

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