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How to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn?


Generating leads: a key issue

Lead generation is more than important to your business: it is VITAL . You must regularly gain new leads to turn into customers. And, over time, you you realize that prospecting is sometimes difficult to set up and to manage with your sales teams. To help you, you’ve done your research and heard about social selling to help you generate BtoB leads …

Prospecting is a time consuming activity. And, sometimes, difficult to live with. The usual prospecting methods, such as cold calling, mailing or paid advertising are destabilizing. Considered intrusive, these methods can sometimes put you in unpleasant situations and damage your brand image. But, thanks to LinkedIn, you can forget about the stress and zero return of traditional methods. In this article, we’ll take a look at social selling and find out how to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn.

1- Define your buyer personas

In order for your offers to be taken up, you know you need to reach the right people. Your products and / or services meet specific needs, which correspond to those of a certain category of people. You can generate as many leads as possible, if these aren’t qualified your sales will never take off.

Essential step to generate BtoB leads thanks to LinkedIn, the definition of your buyer personas allows you to target exactly the people in your audience. By studying their habits, characteristics and needs, you will be able to adapt your offers, your content and your approach methods.

Defining your target customers is done using a list of points that characterize your ideal leads  :

  • Socio-Professional Category  ;
  • Sex  ;
  • age range  ;
  • Geographic location  ;
  • Consumption habits  ;
  • Channels used  ;
  • Identify the problems that your product / service solves;
  • Know the objections;
  • Identify aspirations and desires;
  • Etc.

By knowing your typical clientele perfectly, you will be able to adapt your content and your interactions. If you’re not talking to the right people, the time invested in your lead generation strategy will never pay off. .

2- Generate leads with social selling

How to generate B2B leads effectively  ? With social selling  ! This sales technique at odds with traditional prospecting methods is based on sharing high value-added content to attract leads to you. By using social networks and the interactions that result from it, social selling is an ideal sales technique for generating BtoB leads. Why  ? Quite simply because your publications and your exchanges will make you known to your target without ever talking about buying or selling. The method is therefore “softer” than the others, based on trust and expertise.

LinkedIn is the ideal channel to generate B2B leads through social selling. After defining your buyer personas, set up a social selling strategy on LinkedIn . Distribute high added value content, build a great deal of expertise around your brand image, get in touch with your leads at the right time and convert them into customers.

3- Adapt content to generate leads

At the question ”  how to generate B2B leads  ?  », It is of course obvious to answer  ”  with relevant content  “. Your content will be the keystone of your lead generation strategy. With videos, infographics or well-referenced articles, you have every chance of interesting your leads.

The study of your buyer personas, defined above, will be of great help here. You can adapt all your content according to the needs of your target and perfectly match their expectations.

4- Use LinkedIn correctly to generate BtoB leads

Be present on LinkedIn , allows you to join the largest professional social network in the world. LinkedIn is also a platform for practicing social selling. But, to know how to generate B2B leads thanks to LinkedIn, you still have to learn how to use LinkedIn correctly.

On the Proinfluent blog , you will find many articles that can help you use LinkedIn. Do not hesitate to take a tour  : you will glean valuable information  !

It all starts with a perfect LinkedIn profile . It is your profile, transformed into a real sales page, which will give scope to all your interactions. . Your leads will visit your profile  : never forget it. It must therefore be perfectly designed and informed, to give an impeccable brand image, both professional and expert.

The posts you post on LinkedIn are also very important. Learning to use LinkedIn also involves know how to publish on LinkedIn , when to post on LinkedIn , how to respond to comments, post a video on LinkedIn , post an article on LinkedIn , understand how the LinkedIn algorithm , know what a InMail , etc.

Another significant asset of LinkedIn  : discussion groups. Thanks to them, you will be able to reach your target customers directly in the places where they expose their problems and needs. By participating in discussion groups, you appear to your leads and thus make yourself known.

5- Develop your professional network

A solid professional network is a great source of business! Your network can recommend warmly and thus make you gain many qualified leads. So it is very important to generate leads from you develop a professional LinkedIn network influential and reliable.

To do this, you will have to respect several concepts. First of all, benevolence. Be as you would like us to be with you. Help your existing network, communicate with it, be very present to develop your brand image on the social network.

6- Be active on LinkedIn

How to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn if you are not active on the network  ? Impossible  !

A regular and qualitative presence is necessary to effectively generate leads in BtoB. Without it, you will go unnoticed and never be seen as an expert to call in to solve a problem.

How to generate B2B leads using LinkedIn? In conclusion…

LinkedIn is a great channel. With hundreds of millions of users around the world, it’s an endless pool of leads ready to engage with you to meet their needs. With social selling, you will generate leads sustainably, by establishing a precise strategy  !

To find out how to generate a steady flow of qualified prospects over the next few years, discover the PROINFLUENT method: LinkedIn social selling training the most complete.

How to generate B2B leads thanks to LinkedIn in 3 questions

Comment générer des leads BtoB ?

To generate B2B leads, you can use social selling on LinkedIn. With shares, interactions, posts and follow-up of your contacts on LinkedIn, you will generate qualified leads on a daily basis. It’s up to you to turn them into customers!

Pourquoi générer des leads BtoB ?

Without leads, no customers, and without customers, no turnover! Generating leads is therefore essential to sustain your business, develop your activity and grow professionally.

Est-ce difficile de générer des leads BtoB ?

BtoB lead generation is a daily, long-term job that must be part of your tasks. With social selling, your prospecting will be much easier than with phoning !

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