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Marketing automation, definition and how to set it up?



Are you wasting time on certain time-consuming tasks? Do you want to be more efficient and be able to focus on your core business? The implementation of a marketing automation strategy makes it possible to overcome these difficulties and find a lighter schedule. Marketing automation, what does it consist of, what are its benefits and how to apply it to your business to improve performance? Here in this article, the answers to these questions and more.

Marketing automation, definition and how to set it up?

Marketing automation, definition

Marketing automation is an English term that means automation of marketing actions. He involves using tools to automate repetitive tasks. These are software that allow, for example, to create, plan and automate the sending or publication of email marketing campaigns, social network posts, SMS, notifications…

Thus, marketing automation is also a powerful solution to improve the user experience on a website. Marketing automation tools are effective in implementing an inbound marketing strategy.

Indeed, the functionalities of marketing automation tools make it possible to analyze the buying behavior of the lead. This is ideal for establishing a lead scoring and lead nurturing strategy. It also offers the segmentation of prospects according to their degree of maturity.

A marketing automation tool serves several purposes:

  • The actions of the marketing department, so that it gains in speed and efficiency;
  • The user experience in order to make it exceptional and boost your customer conversion rate.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation of course saves valuable time by automating various actions. This is the solution for:

  • Make your customer service more present and take care of your customers;
  • Allow your salespeople to be more attentive and available to satisfy your customers;
  • Free your marketer from tasks without added value and place him on more rewarding projects;
  • Effectively understand the problems of your customers and provide them with appropriate solutions.

The benefits of marketing automation are therefore multiple. However, the end goal remains to save time to devote yourself to rewarding actions. Indirectly, the goal of marketing automation in a company is to increase its productivity and performance.

marketing automation

How does a marketing automation tool work?

Concretely, a marketing automation tool works through scenarios, also called workflows, which contain a sequence of actions. You choose the process to apply depending on your objective. Although the software offers scenarios, it is usually possible to modify them or create your own.

marketing automation

Here is an example of a possible scenario: you are looking to generate leads on LinkedIn™. Your research has made it possible to compile a file of prospects to contact. Thanks to your automation software, all you have to do is launch the scenario of your choice. For example, expect your leads to receive a LinkedIn™ invitation with a personalized message. If there is a positive response within 24 hours, the tool sends a message that you wrote upstream two days later. Otherwise, an email is sent directly to leads who do not follow up.

Marketing automation software makes it possible to personalize and individualize each message. Thus, it is not a question of sending a single message to 100 users, but of adapting your speech to each target. The goal is to provide them with a solution or make contact in the best possible way by attracting their attention.

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What are the features of a marketing automation tool?

Implement a lead scoring strategy

Lead scoring is a technique that consists of assigning points and then a score to each lead. The more qualified a prospect is, the higher his score. His interaction with your website, your sales representatives, his purchasing behavior, information about his company, the score is based on many elements in order to give the most precise score possible.

Lead scoring allows your salesperson to offer more relevant solutions or recommendations. Thanks to his score, he also knows if it’s the right time to set up a business meeting or if he simply needs to maintain contact with his client.

Thanks to the information stored in your database, you know if the prospect is hot or cold and you adapt your sales pitch to your target and its position in your sales cycle.

Perform lead segmentation

When you use a marketing automation solution, you segment your leads according to their degree of maturity as well as their characteristics. This allows us to really understand their expectations and better support them.

This can be guessed according to the time he spends on one of your websites, then on the sales page that corresponds to his need, for example. Thanks to the segmentation of leads, the marketing automation software takes care of sending them notifications and relevant content, in order to show them that your product or your service can really be the solution to their need.

By classifying your leads, you gain in efficiency since you know exactly which arguments and which benefits to value for the prospects of each group.

marketing automation

Analyze your marketing campaigns and develop strategies

Thanks to your task automation tool, you analyze the results of your b2b marketing campaigns, the opening rate of emails, the calls to action that receive the most clicks, the type of message that gets the most positive responses , etc

Thanks to this information, you know if, for example, adding a video illustrating your words is effective, or if sending a follow-up message 48 hours after the first is a strategy that works.

In other words, you get an overview, a detailed report of your campaigns, and you identify which marketing automation solutions need to be renewed or reworked.

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Trigger the sending of targeted emails

Marketing task automation tools send emails to your prospects when they themselves trigger the process by subscribing to your newsletter or clicking on your landing page, for example. The objective is to send them adapted and personalized content automatically.

For this, you choose or create scenarios in order to launch campaigns of several emails. Welcoming him, presenting the features of the tool, giving expert advice or offering him to leave his opinion on your platform, the objectives of email campaigns are multiple. They are set up to support, advise and guide contacts in order to provide them with real solutions.

marketing automation

Carry out marketing campaigns

Marketing automation helps companies establish relevant strategies on several acquisition channels: sms, emailing or LinkedIn™ campaigns. Still thanks to workflows , you automate campaigns from A to Z, opting for the most effective scenario to achieve your objectives.

Automate social media actions and posts

Are you publishing a new blog post on your website and want to notify your community on social networks? Thanks to marketing automation, you synchronize the automatic distribution of your content in order to set up a real social media strategy.

It is also possible to program the broadcast of content several months in advance! Ideal for preparing your publications on social networks in advance and thus being freed from this task for several days, weeks or months!

Power your CRM

Your CRM tool is your database in which all the information relating to your leads is stored. Their contact details, but also their purchasing behavior.

This way, you know if he has already made a purchase on your website or a sales meeting, for example, and what his need was. When he calls you, you easily get the information from his profile, in order to see the history he has in your company and better understand his expectations.

The data you collect through marketing automation is integrated into your CRM tool, in order to keep it up to date and therefore more efficient.

What are the most efficient marketing automation tools in btob?

1. Hubspot marketing automation software

Hubspot is an internationally recognized marketing automation tool. Ultra complete, this software allows you to attract and convert leads and prospects.

Here is a sample of what Hubspot offers:

  • Creation of forms and landing pages;
  • Scheduling emails;
  • Contact management;
  • Publication on social networks;
  • Segmentation ;
  • Analysis tools, content optimization, SEO tools;
  • Workflow models;
  • etc.

Produce the right content at the right time, attract leads and prospects, identify their needs and boost your website traffic. Hubspot is a tool that saves considerable time while gaining efficiency in winning new leads.

marketing automation

2. Plezi makes setting up scenarios easier

A French player in marketing automation, Plezi uses content to convert a prospect into a customer. Very effective in implementing an inbound marketing strategy, Plezi offers many features with an intuitive interface. Moreover, it is easy to handle. Small detail that is important, we also appreciate that this software is in French.

Lead scoring, monitoring and analysis of purchasing behavior, intelligent email campaigns, personalized workflows, attractive landing pages and forms, analysis of campaign results, lead management, etc.

Thanks to Plezi, create the most effective content and scenarios based on the purchasing behavior of each contact. The customer service team is reactive, however, the simplicity of this tool is such that you are very quickly able to take advantage of its benefits!

3. The Pardot Platform

For more power, it partners with Salesforce’s CRM and complements it perfectly. Creating personalized customer journeys and smarter marketing campaigns is the promise of Pardot, a complete system. So complete, that it still requires a first experience in marketing automation at the configuration level.

marketing automation

Then the navigation is fluid and modern. Pardot is aimed at btob companies wanting many features such as: Lead nurturing, A/B testing, tracking and analytics tools, personalized emailing campaigns, social marketing strategy, landing pages and targeted forms… It is a powerful tool for targeting, understanding and converting prospects.

Marketing automation to conclude

Marketing automation is an English term that means automating marketing actions. This is a time-consuming, non-value-added task that takes considerable time. Here are the takeaways:
  • Marketing automation saves time for marketing and sales teams. They can then devote themselves to more rewarding projects and activities.
  • A marketing automation platform also ensures a personalized and privileged customer experience. You show your contacts that you are present to accompany them in their reflections or to give them expert advice and help them achieve their objective, for example.
  • Lead scoring, segmentation of leads, creation of personalized marketing campaigns, sending of targeted emails, management of your publications on LinkedIn™ or even automatic integration of data into your CRM. Here is a sample of everything a marketing automation tool can do.
  • Hubspot, Plezi and Pardot are 3 powerful btob automation software. Thanks to them, you target with precision, you understand the real needs and constraints of your prospects, you are able to better support them, in order to offer them the most appropriate solutions. This software also makes it possible to build a privileged relationship and to be more present on a daily basis (sending of notifications, emails, personalized sms).

Marketing automation to summarize in 4 questions

How to do marketing automation?

The implementation of a marketing automation strategy is made concrete by using a tool, a software for automating time-consuming tasks. Marketing automation consists, for example, in choosing the most suitable scenario to launch an effective emailing campaign, segment your prospects or automatically send relevant content to each contact.

Thus, to develop an automation strategy, you must adhere to a platform designed to carry out repetitive actions for you. HubSpot, Pardot or Plezi are, for example, powerful b2b marketing automation tools.

Why use marketing automation?

By automating certain time-consuming tasks as well as more complex processes, companies are implementing a strategy aimed at optimizing employee time as much as possible. Thus, everyone gains in productivity and it is the entire company that benefits from an increase in its performance.

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation works through intelligent tools that apply the scenarios of your choice according to the desired objectives. Scenarios are sequences of actions that take place over several hours or several days. Concretely, a marketing automation software is able to program the sending of emails, invitations and messages on LinkedIn™ and even take care of the management of your social networks (planning and automation of posts).

How to make a marketing automation campaign?

To launch a relevant marketing campaign, you must:

  • Own or adhere to marketing automation software;
  • Make the right settings to obtain accurate reports on your prospects;
  • Choose the most suitable channel for your campaign (sms, emailing, social networks, etc.);
  • Select, create or modify the scenario, so that it perfectly matches the purchasing behavior of your target;
  • Analyze the performance of your campaign and adjust it as needed, by removing, adding or modifying steps.

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