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Marketing tools, software, resources and routines to perform (at all levels)


Many of you have asked me what type of tools and software I use in my business, to manage my website, grow my business and my state of mind, be full of energy, fast …

At the end of this article, you will have the answers to these questions:

  • What hardware, tools and software do I recommend to BtoB professionals?
  • What image and sound equipment do I recommend?
  • Which banks do I use and why? (I pay my teammates in 12 seconds.)
  • What practices allow me to be healthy and full of energy? What is my fast and effective nutritional and sports program?
  • What practices and routines have allowed me to achieve (my definition of) success?
  • How to grow your mindset in minutes?
  • What training do I recommend?
  • And more…

What is it about ?

In this article, you will find all the tools and resources that are essential for me on a daily basis. Being very demanding on the quality and always seeking the best performance-quality-price-size-reliability ratio, I save you considerable time by offering you the best tools .

Know that I have the same level of requirement in the selection of suppliers, products, services as in the business. I want the best solution on the market with all the advantages at the best initial investment . It’s very time-consuming, but once a supplier is chosen, I have peace of mind in the long run.
This article took days of work for many people. If you like it, share it with your professional and personal circle.
The work of selection, comparison, education and precision of my choices is sure to help people.

Without exaggerating, I save you hundreds of hours of research and comparison. When I invest in professional material, I do it for the long haul . Sometimes, just like when I create a LinkedIn ™ strategy, I search around the world for what is being done to find the best at the best price.

Like everyone who crosses my path, you too will save hundreds of hours by reading my recommendations.

PS: if you find better, tell me I will challenge my recommendations!

PPS: Some links are affiliate or referral links. It is not because on certain links there I have an interest that I share them, but because I appreciated the products or services that I then decided to share the referral or affiliate link. I prefer to be transparent about this.

PPS: the content of this article is a sharing of opinions, feedback and presentation of resources, it does not constitute investment, financial or health advice.

Looking forward to discussing all of this in the comments.

Why am I boycotting the apple?

Before offering you a full article on the best performing tools, I wanted to explain to you why you will not find any Apple product.

Why are there no Apple products in this list? Quite simply, because I like having the best at the best price. Then, because I like having choice and controlling resources and don’t like being decided what is good for me. For example, USB-C is a standard and is not present on Apple which sells the adapter at the price of a phone. Another example, I do not accept having a smartphone on which I cannot click a button to go back and where I have to remove my hand to click on a button at the top left while the ergonomics standards and web design show that a button near the thumb is required. Finally, being a marketing professional, I know very well the strategies employed and do not wish to become a victim. .

Marketing tools and B2B marketing software

MeetEdgar: social networks always fed to infinity

This tool automates social media posts. It allows publications to be “recycled” via a queue system. Indeed, you can create a calendar of content to publish and store them in different categories. . Subsequently, you can configure your publications and publish them by topic. I highly recommend MeetEdgar to those who want to see their blog articles continuously feed their social networks! The peculiarity is the fact that it publishes endlessly from a waiting list.

ActiveCampaign: the autoresponder to cultivate and grow your database with marketing automation

Active Campaign Logo PNG

Email marketing solution that automates your actions in a few clicks. I don’t necessarily recommend it for entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their business . Even if ActiveCampaign is a very powerful solution, you can quite reduce your costs by initially using a less sophisticated version like Mailchimp . The free version of MailChimp offers you up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends per month. Very ergonomic, this tool allows you to create attractive newsletters with design themes.

As for ActiveCampaign, we love it for its ability to create automations, add tags, and for its deliverability. The only downside: the price.

Microsoft Office: a must-have tool for any business

Word, Excel, PowerPoint … So much software that every entrepreneur must absolutely benefit from! With software updates, you can now easily design flyers , brochures, presentations ….

For example, you can buy it legally for less than € 20 on Rakuten or Amazon. Vendors buy a batch of licenses and sell individual accesses. It’s legal, real and smart. It is tested and approved by the team and my relatives.

Zoom: videoconferencing all over the world

I regularly use Zoom to make videoconferences with my clients, prospects and collaborators. I like working and interacting with people who lead their lives as they see fit. Most of my employees are all over the world, our exchanges must automatically take place virtually. This is why, with Zoom , I just have to send a link so that we can join the meeting . Easy to use and free (for a limited time of 40 minutes and 100 people maximum).

Zoom also allows you to do webinars, record discussions … We use it in Premium and it is the basis of our daily exchanges.

NB: Contrary to what may have been conveyed in the media, Zoom is perfectly secure.

ThriveCart: the dream payment system for any business (am I in love with it?)

ThriveCart is the ClickFunnels or WooCommerce KILLER!

ThriveCart it is THE ideal marketing software to manage the payment of your customers by bank card. It offers you a pre-built and ergonomic payment page to transform your prospect into a customer. You can modify this page according to your wishes in a very simple way. It is quite possible to set up a payment in several installments. Everything has been simplified for you. You just have to customize the whole page. The (very) positive point is also that you can manage the taxes of the different countries! There are many other features, each more essential and ingenious than the next, such as being able to give your customers access to online content / training, the possibility of setting up bump offers (product added to cart one-click), upsells (additional sale), downsells (additional sale offered after additional sale one has not been purchased) … that I invite you to discover without further delay !

The ultimate: for $ 495 you have the best tool ever … While in the others it is a monthly subscription, where you lose everything once stopped.

NB: here is what it gives live on the payment page for my training to transform your LinkedIn profile .

It has been one of my best business investments. I have great payment tunnels with additional sales, access to my training sessions generated automatically … In addition, I paid for it for life and do not have to pay a subscription.

Xolo: the accounting of the Estonian e-resident or resident in one click

Accounting software , you just need to log in with your identity card anywhere in the world to have access to it. An all-in-one software that aims to simplify the life of entrepreneurs!

Among other things, accountants manage the VAT declaration, accounting, declarations and you have access to an interface with your receipts, expenses, cash. Everything is linked automatically and you are alerted when an invoice has not been paid or when proof is missing. For tax payments, the accountant goes so far as to prepare the transfer to your bank, which you then only have to confirm. In short, it’s all in a clean, simple and easy.

If you are an e-resident entrepreneur or resident in Estonia, here to discover Xolo (formerly Leplin).

Note, Xolo is referenced and recommended by the government of Estonia.

Google Analytics: essential to know your audience

Easy to use, ergonomic and free, who does not know Google Analytics? Without being an expert, you can easily analyze the most visited pages of your site, measure the impact of an article, understand how your visitors interact, know your Internet users …

Canva: the essential platform to create your visuals

canva logo

Can go is no longer to present as this platform is a victim of its success! Effectively with simple drag / drop, you create all your communication media : flyers , business cards posters commercial brochures , LinkedIn ™ banners , visuals for your social networks, etc.

Even in the free version, the site offers many templates ready to modify, photos, images, different typographies. The premium version brings you professional tools: transparent background, GIF animations, resizing visuals, etc.

In short, it is the must-have of your visual identity!

Website hosting: the best web host tested to date

IONOS: the web host that meets all my criteria (which almost never happens on Earth)

Like many, you will certainly tend to choose OVH for your web host.

I have been on OVH and at 1 & 1 IONOS. Today I know which one is the best by far: IONOS.

They have support, available 366 days a year (yes even in leap years) and wait, 24 hours a day! That’s not all ! People on the phone are based in France and are highly competent .

No more unanswered emails due to a technical problem or endless minutes (or even hours) of waiting! I tested IONOS technical support by phoning at 3 am due to a technical bug and was more than happy to have an efficient person at this time.

This is one of the reasons that made me loyal to them. But it is not the only one. To this we add the fact that:

  • The rates are competitive;
  • Their resources are eco-managed and optimized to consume less (which is important, because I have made (small) ecological commitments;
  • There is the possibility to restore your site in 3 min at a later date in 2 clicks (this saved us more than once);
  • There is SSL included in the hosting;
  • They are monitoring activity on your server (they blocked an attack and notified me);
  • They have a super-fast WordPress specific offer at a competitive price!

At home, I recommend shared WordPress hosting. Some will say, shared hosting? Never. And yet my site registers more than 3000 unique visitors per day on shared hosting and IONOS perfectly fulfills these commitments.

The site is stored on a hard drive in SSD (which is in fact ultra-fast).

If you are on Wordpress, seriously consider this accommodation .

Otherwise, here are the other IONOS accommodation .

I therefore strongly recommend it as a host or domain name provider, especially if you are on WordPress!

NB: at the time of writing this paragraph, an entrepreneur friend who owns an influential site tells me by message that OVH is blocking his email address and that no advisor is available before Monday 8am … So he can’t work. This would never have happened with IONOS.

Sound and image equipment

The best video kit for professional results

The Sony DSC-RX100M7 compact digital camera

Quite simply the best quality / functionality / size ratio for the next few years!

It is stunning and fits in a pocket!

  • He films in 4K with stabilization.
  • There is no 30 min limit! It is rare enough to specify it! You can film conferences or trainings.
  • Successful photos and videos with the best autofocus on the market that captures the face in less than 0.03 sec.
  • It contains a jack for an external microphone.
  • You can do slow motion and slow motion of the space.
  • It has a swivel screen for vlogs or video shot alone.
  • It has GPS / NFC …

In short, I finally found the perfect device:

To discover the full article and recommended accessories, it’s here: all about the YouTube camera .

PS: I am not paid by Sony to say that.

By default, 4K is limited to 5 min, after 24 hours of research, here’s how to remove it:

In the configuration menu 3 in [Tmp OFF voltage. aut.] set it to [High].

The essential accessories of this Premium video kit

Sony RX 100 VII batteries and charger
Sony RX 100 VII batteries and charger

Batteries and charger →

The SONY compatible SD card and also smartphone compatible, it accepts 4K →

The essential Jobby’s Gorillapod →

Protective cage and fixings for Sony DSC-RX100 M6 M7 compatible;) →

To attach the microphone →

The best microphone at a low price →

LED light panel, adjustable in intensity and heat, with integrated battery, for less than 40 € it’s very nice material! →

I recommend two.

UV filter to protect the lens →

ND filters →

Screen Protectors →

Lavalier microphone: Sony ICD-TX 650B (Dictaphone) →

Less expensive video kit for stabilized videos always in 4K

Do you find it expensive? I put together another cheaper LinkedIn and YouTube video kit:

GoPro type VLOG and sport camera (better and cheaper than GoPro): YI 4K + →
Ranked better than GoPro and 3 times cheaper, it is extraordinary for filming in 4K with stabilization at a lower cost and without worrying about autofocus!

Aluminum protective and cooling case for the YI 4K + camera on which you can put the microphone →

Micro Rode for Vlogs with windscreen →

YI camera adapter (USB C) to a microphone (jack), essential to put the microphone →

Micro SD card compatible with high quality 4K recording →

The essential Jobby’s Gorillapod →

Optional: additional battery →

Kit to start the video for less than 20 €

What makes a video successful is 60% sound.

I recommend that you start with your smartphone, placed on a fixed support and acquire sound with a lavalier microphone:

The advantages of this model:

  • It has decent sound for the price.
  • The thread is very long.
  • It works on smartphone and on a c camera (usually it’s one or the other and then you need an adapter cable that is worth the price of this microphone).
  • It has a small footprint.

The foldable DJI drone for filming in 4K in the air for breathtaking images

Both professional and personal, the drone gives another dimension to images and allows you to create a wow effect!

A photo taken in Hong Kong (before the regulations changed)

I recommend the DJI brand. It is quite simply the best consumer, semi-professional and even professional equipment to date .

DJI is crammed with electronics and its many assistants will help you fly safely. Unfortunately, I was able to experience the systems that saved me during critical phases of flight in extreme conditions (loss of signal 1 km away from the shore, behind a mountain offshore in the rain).

I use the DJI Mavic Pro which I upgraded to a Platinium version. I recommend its evolution: the DJI Mavic Pro 2. In addition, if I’m not mistaken, it does not need registration in France, because it takes less than 800 grams!

Here is to find out its price:

To which I advise you, for a few euros more, to equip yourself with a pack allowing to triple the autonomy, with a compact cover and additional propellers. Do not save on the batteries, because, once in front of the scene to be captured, the battery melts quickly especially in windy conditions, and it is a shame to have only one socket …

Here is the Fly More Combo Kit:

I used the drone on a personal basis, but also for more corporate images at AXA in France, or to film unifying events with AXA employees in Hong Kong:

YouTube player

Pay attention to the regulations of the place of flight, whether recreational or professional. Pay attention to the regulations for professional use.

The “Star 61” photo tripod

If you forget it, you will regret it! the photo tripod is essential for high quality, blur-free photographs and videos!

The perfect lighting kit: powerful, compact, battery operated and adjustable

I finally found it … I tested almost everything, Softboxs, LED panels from different brands. I finally found the best quality, price, efficiency, size !

They can also be transported without the tripod, to attach to a camera or camera. In short, I am won over.

These are two light panels with adjustable intensity. In addition to the intensity, the color is also adjustable (between yellow and white). There are yellow and white LEDs and you can choose the lighting temperature. The ultimate, they are super powerful, run on battery or mains and there are even two remote controls to control them from a distance! In short, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

You can find them here:

The ideal microphone to make a difference

The quality of the audio is essential to make videos worthy of the name. At a very reasonable price, I use the microphone Rode NT-USB Microphone Black . It plugs into the computer directly via USB.

It is compatible with iPad or iPhone using an optional camera connection kit.

And if like me you have a recent computer, I recommend this cable to connect it to USB-C:

You will find it here :

Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

With these 30 hours of autonomy, this Wireless Headset will revolutionize the way you work! Disregard your surroundings and be that much more productive! It is simply the r Industry-leading active noise reduction with High Resolution sound (in front of the famous Bose). Immersive sound experience guaranteed, I highly recommend!

Why a Sony (for sound) and not a Bose? Because I like the best and don’t need a sanitized product for the general public. With the Sony headphones, I have access to High Fidelity sound, noise reduction management and the best active reduction on the market in addition to long battery life.
In short, the most efficient, qualitative of the moment. I never leave it to work, make calls, listen to music, isolate myself or concentrate.

You can find it here :

Green background for your videos and visios

To avoid seeing your background, opt for a Green background . It is essential for your videos and photographs if you want to change the background in post-production. With its cover it is easily transportable and takes up little space. It is therefore ideal for treating the background, making special effects …

LED projector to illuminate the background of your videos in color

This is how I will now light up the background of my videos in color to create an atmosphere and be consistent with the color code of Proinfluent.

Here’s where to find it:

The Elgato 4K adapter to convert your camera to a webcam and broadcast live

I recommend the Elgato 4K adapter to turn your camera into a webcam and make LIVES on YouTube ™, LinkedIn ™. This allows LIVE streaming in 1080p60 and up to 4K at 30 fps!

If you want to make LIVE videos, this is what you need!

I recommend that you read: how to stream live video on LinkedIn with LinkedIn LIVE .

NB: remember to complete with the HDMI cable that connects with your camera.

Essential office equipment

I have summarized for you all the tools that I use. They will be more than useful to you and will allow you to be productive!

The height-adjustable sit / stand desk

Recommended by health professionals, this desk prevents you from becoming sedentary. Desk standing seated , height adjustable with crank.

Why work standing up? Working while standing helps deliver amino acids to the brain, makes us more alert, promotes energy, and tends to get us to complete tasks faster. With this office, we have something to alternate!

As of this writing, I live in European Silicon Valley (Tallinn) and I can tell you that this is very common among successful entrepreneurs.

Be careful to complete this with an anti-fatigue mat which then protects your back:

How to eliminate desk cables with these double-sided hook-and-loop fasteners repositionable

If like me you are fed up with wires … So I have the economical, repositionable and easy solution!

I just bought double-sided scratch. I stuck the prickly part of the scratch on the desk and under the desk. I then glued the soft part on the devices and on some parts of cables.

So I can position and reposition the cables along the desk without them sticking out.

Every cable is waiting on the edge along the wall, and even the pens, which I only have to grab when needed.

Multiple sockets and all devices are no longer visible, as they are scratched under the desk upside down.

There is only one cable visible, that of a power strip. The office is then minimalist, clean, tidy and wireless. The office itself can then be moved independently without having to unplug everything. Useful for filming or to easily change layouts.

To eliminate cables and tidy them away, here is the Scratch Sticker:

Ultra portable PC Asus ZenBook: power and autonomy without compromising on performance

If you are looking for a laptop, I recommend the Asus brand. This brand produces high-quality, high-performance, innovative devices in addition to being aesthetic.

This model is the MacBook Pro Killer in addition more powerful and less expensive of course … With a 14 “screen that fits into a 13.3” frame. With power and autonomy … In addition to a very nice design.

Combining high performance and elegance, you take no risk by choosing this laptop to support you in all of your projects. I highly recommend it to you !

Screen size13,3
ProcessorIntel Core i7
RAM installed16 GB

The USB-C Hub to connect your devices to your computer

A USB-C hub is now essential in the face of the miniaturization of computers. This small box allows you to connect a screen, the Ethernet cable, your USB devices and even your SD and micro-SD memory cards.

You can find it here :

Aukey webcam for videoconferences

With over 12,757 reviews and an Amazon rating of 4.3, this webcam is the best value for money-compatibility ever. It is often below the € 50 mark. Ideal for equipping your team.

It records in 1080px which is sufficient for all uses: visios, YouTube videos, LinkedIn Live

Click here to discover this webcam (which I use) .

For the more advanced who want to stream or film in 4K with a webcam, there is the Logitech Pro in 4K, but at 5 times more expensive.

Sony Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I recommend these listeners to make calls, videos or simply listen to music without noise and with the most efficient active noise reduction on the market! They come back to your loved one and follow you everywhere, with a 24-hour battery life. They are available here .

The rechargeable and stylish wireless mouse

I recommend you this silent wireless mouse to support you in your projects! With its elegant design, it is rechargeable thanks to its Lithium battery.

Internet connection anywhere in the world, in your pocket

It is with this that I had internet everywhere in Europe when I chained the countries. It is a router that allows you to broadcast the internet like at home from a SIM card.

You will be able to share Wi-Fi access with 20 devices.

I tested and approved it in degraded conditions all over Europe.

This high-end router is available here:

The Withings Steel HR hybrid connected watch

My watch, ultra-resistant 100% connected, but with good battery life (not like the Apple Watch which does not even last a day and which is also worth 3 times its price).

  • Sleep analysis,
  • wake up by vibration of the wrist,
  • waking up at the right time in sleep,
  • heart rate monitoring,
  • step analysis,
  • calories stopwatch
  • countdown,
  • sport monitoring,
  • waterproof up to 50m …

In addition, it is the only watch that has withstood shocks against plaster, walls, posts, iron bars … There are micro scratches but the glass is still not broken!

In short, it is almost unbreakable in addition to being ultra-complete, having autonomy and being classy. If you too love watches but don’t want an Airbus A380 dashboard that you have to take off every day or for every shower stop looking, perfection is there.
Find on Amazon the hybrid watch who will accompany you on all your trips! You can also add the waterproof bracelet in the color of your choice, especially to make it more masculine. This gives this:

The watch that allows me to be on top in all circumstances.

The 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that can be controlled via WiFi: to clean the premises,
save time and reduce costs

The office is located in a space which is also the YouTube studio. He is
important to keep it clean. Then when things are clean and tidy around us, so are they in the mind.

Today if we don’t want to do something, it must be done
by a robot or someone with an hourly rate lower than ours and who likes to do this. This also goes for cleaning. It is inconceivable for me to do this, because it is a chore and it takes time. Time is the only resource on Earth that is wasted every second and cannot be bought. This is the most precious thing for an entrepreneur, chef
company or resource manager.

With this robot you can control cleaning with a remote control or program it from the application … Or even via Alexa!

It is powerful, 2 in 1, with good application. For less than the
big brands, it’s a very good investment.

Unlike the others, he has:

  • A powerful aspiration;
  • A remote control ;
  • An application that allows you to control it (only in 2.4 Ghz and not 5 Ghz);
  • A double function: suction and “cleaning” with a microfiber and liquid;
  • An optimized and not random movement;
  • Several functions: cleaning of the zone, programming …

The chore is over, you own the premises without having to do anything
it would be. To find it, it’s here:

NB: this makes it possible to reduce the costs of cleaning via personnel, because
80% are made with this robot.

The best smart card reader

You may not have thought about it, but it will come in handy! I use it to read my ID card and electronically sign my documents in encrypted form all over the world (France is not doing this, maybe in 20 years?). A real time saver!

The light therapy lamp: to fight against seasonal depression and satisfy your need for light

In winter in particular, unfortunately you do not necessarily encounter the sun every day. Light is the guarantor of our good health, both mental and physical! It is sometimes not easy to find all the benefits of the sun when it is struggling to show the tip of its nose. The effects of light therapy are no longer to be proven. This lamp will quickly become your little ray of sunshine as soon as you need it. Calibrated to exactly 10,000 lux, it will be useful for simulating sunlight and rebalancing your hormones. It also serves as a lamp to shoot videos or illuminate the office. Its main advantage: it takes up little space!

To find it, it’s here:

Light therapy wake-up: to stop melatonin secretion and rebalance hormones

Find it light therapy wake-up , to get up naturally by simulating sunlight. Wake up gently and full of energy! This fools our brain into believing that it is sunny, this then stops the secretion of melatonin (hormone secreted in the evening before going to bed) and then rebalances our circadian cycle … For maximum energy!

For my part, I have the alarm clock on my bedside table and the lamp on my desk.

Huawei P30 Pro: the best Photophone

Why this one? Because it was quite simply the best Photophone when I bought it. In addition it has fast charging, it is waterproof, has two SIM card slots which is useful for digital nomads or business travelers like me. And it has the fingerprint reader. Find it Huawei p30 on Amazon!

Anti-wave patch to reduce your phone’s SAR by up to 99%

The downside of being ultra connected today is the waves that emerge from all of our IT tools. Take care of yourself and your health and reduce your exposure to waves by up to 99% (not all of them, only the Specific Absorption Rate, which is already huge) thanks to an inverted wavelength principle.

To protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the waves, it’s possible with the Fazup Patch available here:

Lithium battery cover mandatory in some aircraft

To travel with your Lithium batteries in complete safety, here is the cover obligatory in some countries. Lithium being unstable, this cover is fire resistant and allows you to store your batteries without risk of fire.

The travel belt

Very practical, this travel belt will allow you to store your money neatly and not take any risks. It has 2 zipped compartments with interior pockets to store your belongings. It goes under your pants to be discreet. Do not neglect it, it will be very practical for you depending on the countries you are going to cross! The advantage of this model: RFID protection that prevents remote hacking of your bank cards.

(Micro) SD card

No (micro) SD card, no pictures ! You can choose the size of it which goes up to 1 TB. Sold with the SD adapter.

Portable energy generator: to have 220 V everywhere with you!

A 220 V outlet always with you! Yes, I have already made visios on the beach on the terrace with my portable generator 220 for the size of a small water bottle!

It’s unusual, nobody knows, but it’s great!

To find out, it’s here:

Bank & investment: secure your money with today’s banks (not from the Middle Ages)!

I do not use French banks. Why ? Simply because the country is 120% in debt that this debt grows every day to the tune of € 2,665 per second. If you want find out the amount of French debt, it’s here .

Also, and except for Boursorama Banque, some French banks are still in the Middle Ages (I’m hardly exaggerating). Non-instant transfers, bank charges for each transaction, paying abroad payments, an incomplete application, no 24-hour support, branches closed after a certain time, no cryptocurrency or share purchase simply, an advisor who has only the name …

Seriously, I live in the 21st century. I don’t need a regionalized bank like Crédit Agricole which has not understood the expectations of people living today. In short, this is why I am largely in FinTechs.

Some of your money can (and should) be expatriated! (Outside of Europe, would it be even better, to avoid the Euro monetary crisis?)

But beware, these words are not financial advice, only the sharing of my experience and my point of view.

NB: remember to declare these accounts for your taxes, because they are “accounts abroad”.

Transferwise or the ultra-fast bank, with free, simple and multi-currency card (I pay my employees in 12 seconds)

I prefer to use FinTechs like Transferwise , free and instant. I pay my employees and suppliers in 12 seconds in Europe! 12 seconds! Do you receive your salary in 12 seconds from the end of your service?

This bank is ultra fast, simple and in multi currencies !

Of course the professional and personal bank card is free and there are no payment fees anywhere in the world!

Be careful though, there is no guarantee of a deposit of 100,000 euros. But hey, between having the money in France with the pseudo guarantee for bank deposits and an account with TransferWise, I quickly chose.

If you’re new to TransferWise, quickly, correct this by clicking here .

It is a must have in a professional and personal capacity in addition to a real bank.

Revolut: free bank card, multi-currency account, crypto, metals managed simply (how did we do it before?)

Thanks to the bank Revolut you can pay anywhere in the world free of charge and make international transfers for free. You have customer service available by chat via the application.

Of course, the bank card is free in addition to being multi-currency.

So this is my personal favorite (not for the company). Why ? It is simple, notifies me of my payments on the application. Then, one day I had to change euros into dollars, it cost me 80 € from the application. By switching to the 1-month premium subscription, I had the currency costs at 0 € (excluding the cost of the subscription of around ten euros)! In addition, you can buy stocks, cryptos, metals … with one click. In short, at all in one simple, ergonomic and almost free.

N26: the flexible and simple bank for professionals and individuals

The bank without monthly fees and without deposit conditions, nor income, nor commissions on payments abroad. Very well known to travelers, this mobile banking (just as much as you) do not take any fees on your foreign currency payments when you are outside the European Union . Finally a bank that adapts to your lifestyle!

It works for professionals and individuals.
It does have a guarantee on bank deposits up to 100,000 €.

Health, sport, nutrition, fasting and Wim Hof: to nourish the leader and the energy in you

Any “leader” must nurture his ambitions and for that there is a need for a high level of energy. It’s simple ! Good energy = good decisions = clear ideas = exceptional results.

High intensity sports program

I play sports with other ambitious entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs we focus our efforts on 20% of the actions which ensure 80% of the results. So we work 3 high intensity movements by 5 sets of 5 repetitions (5 X 5 program). And this, twice a week.

Why ?

To work as composite movements that work several muscle groups and stabilizing muscles.

Thus, the body works as a whole and we do not make isolation movements, which are useless at our level.

The body gets exhausted, really works, and it boosts the whole body including the hormonal system. This boosts the secretion of growth hormone and testosterone. With this we have a high level of energy that we use to live a life rich in performance and meaning.

What movements are they?

High intensity session 1

For each movement, 5 sets of 5 repetitions with about 80% of the maximum weight.

  1. Squat.
  2. Bench.
  3. Back print.

+ back stretch.

High intensity session 2

For each movement, 5 sets of 5 repetitions with about 80% of the maximum weight.

  1. Deadlift.
  2. Military development.
  3. Pull-ups.

+ back stretch.

Gravity back stretch with the inversion boots to switch to Batman mode

At the end of each session, we do an unusual thing: we hang like bats with inversion boots.

Prolonged sitting, gravity, and carrying weight during sessions compress the back and vertebrae. With these boots we stretch this to “pay off” the gravity debt .

These boots were invented by a doctor and treat the back pain of people who had to undergo surgery …

It should not be done alone and without knowing and accepting the risks.

To discover the inversion boots, it’s here:

My nutritional program: the warrior diet

For some time now, I have decided to go for the warrior diet. It’s a kind of intermittent fasting. The principle is simple: one meal a day in the evening in large quantities, without depriving yourself (except on the content).

The benefits are numerous, detoxifying the body, saving cells, establishing ketosis, better regulating hormones … To discover all the benefits, I recommend the reading the book: The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse For High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body by Ori Hofmekler .

To discover this way of eating, here is the official book:

I only thought I could eat once, and well, my body has adjusted well. I no longer have this “push” in the afternoon.

I made it my own. In the morning I drink water, around noon I make a protein smoothie to keep me going. It is not solid so it is consistent. Then, I respect the 16 hours of youth to promote ketosis and the elimination of toxins. Between 5 and 7 p.m. I have a big meal, of course without carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, rice … Except on cheat days called “cheat meals”.

The world’s most potent, free drug the industry will never tell you about

With my entourage of entrepreneurs, we practice the 3-day fast several times a year (some do more, but supervised by Russian doctors specializing in a clinic in Poland).

On my last fast, I didn’t drink for 41h (almost 2 days) and didn’t eat anything for 3 full days (72h).

Why do this?

First of all paracerque we are not meant to eat so much and so often . Man is the result of the evolution of his species, but our way of life only dates back to a few tens or hundreds of years, which from a hopeful point of view is ridiculous.

Second, to cleanse the body. By being in famine, the body puts itself in safeguard. It selects cells essential for its survival and kills others, such as precancerous and cancerous cells . (This process is widely used in plants in particular, to fortify them before final delivery to the consumer (who is hostile to them). They are then deprived of water, they then become resistant to various transports).

Thirdly, to promote ketosis . Ketosis is about getting energy not from sugar, but from fat. Your body then draws on its reserves to transform them into energy. It breaks down those fat cells in adipose tissue and melts away fat and toxins. You know, this famous fat which promotes the development of cardiovascular diseases? Here we make them cry to death :).

I am not an expert on fasting, if this interests you I invite you to inquire on your side.

The Wim Hof method to stress and strengthen the body

I did not take the training Wim Hof Method but I try to practice some principles.

Unlike other entrepreneurs in my community, I don’t take an ice-cold shower (really, the water here is very cold). But I practice the temperature shock and the stress of the body by putting myself in the snow, freezing cold when I can, especially after the sauna (very common in Estonia).

If you want to know more about this method, and its profits , I invite you to consult the different works here .

According to them, there are many:

The shaker mixer: my best investment to gain energy

My best buy: a blender to make me a snack after my 16h of fasting around 12h with banana, whey protein isolate (whey protein isolate, these are almost pure protein powders), frozen cherries, turmeric (to benefit from the anticancer curcumin), water if possible with less than 50 mg of dry residue per liter (to relieve the kidneys and ensure their filtration function) and the final touch a spoon of coconut milk.

I only eat once a day which helps to reduce fat storage thanks to vegetables and protein sources. Fasting is the best, most powerful medicine that the pharmaceutical industry will ever sell to us!

The mask that allows me to heal the first pillar of health: sleep

I tested some masks … I have never been satisfied either because they let in the light, or because they do not hold, or because they are not comfortable. Now I have found the right one for me and use it every day to sleep. Because sleep is the first pillar of health with nutrition in second and physical activity in third. Here is how to get it:

Food supplements to fuel ambition

Personally, I eat at My Protein, European leader in online nutrition .

I consume some vitamins and I make an aside on it. Be careful, it is not necessary to take it if you eat fruits and vegetables every day – I recommend that you watch Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins, by Sonya Pemberton , which shows the counterproductive effect of certain vitamins.

I also consume at home filtered omega 3, BCAAs and especially protein powders. But not just any, whey protein isolate obtained by micro or ultrafiltration. These are milk proteins, very finely filtered to come out with more than 90% of the pure protein.

Why am I consuming protein powder?

Simply because they allow me to nourish my muscles and brain . Proteins are essential nutrients for our body. And the ‘we just don’t get enough of it in our diet !

Diet plays a very important role not only for gaining muscle mass, but quite simply for your fitness as well as your concentration.

We are supposed to eat protein, in its solid form, for example by eating eggs. Then, they are transformed into small ones in the body, then in the third step in amino acids to feed the cerneau and the muscles … Which I recall work on glucose and amino acids!

With protein powders, the protein comes in as amino acids, so in the same form as when we digested it. This forces the kidneys, so it is important to drink plenty of water (less than 50 mg of dry residue per liter of water, I remind you) to protect the kidneys and promote blood filtration.

I consume the protein in my mid-day smoothie and within 30 minutes after exercise. Why ? To fuel muscles that have had their fibers broken. Thus, these immediately available amino acids help in fiber reconstruction and recovery.

Sometimes I put honey inside to replenish the glycogen (sugar) stock in the muscle and help the assimilation of proteins in the muscle, which together with the sugar contained in honey they are better absorbed.

What foods to eat to help focus?

I recommend fruits and vegetables and all that is leguminous, that is to say dried beans (kidney beans, broad beans), chickpeas, lentils.

Green vegetables are also good ingredients for stimulating your brain. Of course these are only indications and in no way recommendations. Trace elements (iron, zinc, magnesium) are just as essential for reducing stress and maintaining focus. In general, the best diet is one that consists of fruits and vegetables and water without hormones!

Essential training to develop

Here are some trainings that I recommend to raise you in different sectors.

The Proinfluent Profile to infiltrate the psychology of your customers to transform visitors to your LinkedIn ™ profile into customers

Any good professional should inspire confidence 24/7 with at least a mastered LinkedIn ™ profile . This is what I offer you with professional training in order to know all the secrets of this professional network.

No longer believe that a LinkedIn ™ profile filled with a banner and a photo is enough to generate opportunities …

Now over 10,000 people are transforming their LinkedIn™ profiles and generating leads with my proven tips.

Hard to believe… I know. But there is evidence, find out for yourself this LinkedIn profile training ™ unlike any other …

Proinfluent method

The Proinfluent method is THE LinkedIn prospecting training ™ which presents you the 6 steps that could well earn you 1 qualified prospect per day & 5 professional clients per month.

With her :

  • Sell for the next 5 years without spending a dime on advertising.
  • Save 3 full-time sales reps by automating your BtoB prospecting.
  • And be visible and noticed every week by your customers.

Go to your computer and follow the 6 steps.
Quickly in just 7 days, you will see your numbers take off.

In addition to being tested over several years with results attested in black and white by more than 70 people, the results of this method are guaranteed by the “Triple Guarantee 100% Results”.

In short, either you are a winner or you win.

I invite you to discover this Proinfluent method unique in Francophonie.

Mindset: resources to develop your mindset

Here is a list of resource applications, audio books in order to be always more efficient, but also to relax you to rest your mind! You will also find the essential trainings as well as my favorite application to meditate and take a break.

Koober: All the Books You Should Have Ever Read Summarized in Audio and Written in 20 Minutes

I use to listen to audiobook summaries (in x 1.75 speed). These are actually the books that you should have read by now and that are summaries in audio or in writing, available in 20 min . It is the equivalent of Audible in condensed form and less expensive.

How to tell you ? It’s great, you can easily, in a few tens of minutes, cultivate yourself in various fields . There are the majority of known great books summarized. I use it in the VTC, transport, during walks, to stimulate myself, to learn things. This allows me to give myself ideas to implement in my professional life, but also personal.

I was already a customer with them, I contacted them, and they can make you 20% reduction valid on the annual subscription with the promo code: “PROINFLUENT “.

Every leader reads. Here you can do it in less time, and in audio. Learn for a few euros without spending weeks to read I say YES.

For discover Koober, it’s here .

Audible: audiobooks by Amazon

With over 400,000 titles, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the audiobook that’s right for you! And for mobile enthusiasts, the Audible application allows you to connect anywhere and anytime on IOS, Android or Windows . Even offline, you have the option to listen to your favorite audiobook. You can benefit from a month free . For PRIME subscriptions, take advantage of two free audiobooks .

Kindle: the freedom to read anywhere, anytime

If you prefer writing, Kindle offers you an application to read your favorite books directly from your mobile, your computer or your tablet. More than a million titles are available for a subscription of 9.99 euros per month! Click here for discover the Kindle subscription for unlimited access to books (free 15-day trial can be canceled at any time) .

If like me you don’t want to be cluttered with a stack of books, then the Kindle is for you. Click here to discover Kindle e-readers:

Meditation with Petit Bambou to be in the present moment

You have certainly already heard of the application Small Bamboo . If not, you will quickly become adept at the “gong” ringing to signify that it is time to take a break and settle into the present. No matter where you are, you just have to let yourself be guided. These short meditations quickly become a liberating moment to allow you to breathe and think of (almost) nothing.

Business travel, travel and digital nomadism

What is a digital nomad? It’s 7am, you open the shutters and let in the first ray of sunshine. Always accompanied by your laptop, you decide to take advantage of the fresh air to invigorate your mind. On the program, improvised terrace with sea view, computer on the table, you start your working day.

We forget the strict office hours, the meetings locked between four walls, the endless “lunch breaks” … Yesterday you were in Italy, today you are in Spain and this is how you lead YOUR life. This is what being a digital nomad is.

I traveled a lot in my (small) career and I was also a digital Nomad, I traveled, worked or lived:

In Europe :
Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland.

In Asia :
Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.

In Africa :

In America :
Argentina, Uruguay.

In the Gulf:
United Arab Emirates.

If this is your case and given that I have been, the product / tool / solution recommendations presented in this article mostly meet the criteria of size and dual utility to travel light and with complete peace of mind.

Skyscanner: the simple and reliable flight comparator

For your business trips, I recommend the site Skyscanner . Fast, ergonomic, efficient, it is a real time saver when traveling. You will find the cheapest flights thanks to advanced features. For example, if you want to leave, but do not have specific dates, if you check “all month”, you have access to all the flights available with the cheapest prices. Skyscanner also offers a comparison of hotels and car rentals. Finally, it is possible to choose flights with multiple destinations simply, ideal when going on a tour or on vacation with an itinerary without taking a round trip. to book hotel accommodation for business and personal travel

I use Booking because it is the easiest online booking site. Free cancellation within 24 hours, safe reservations, controlled rates, I highly recommend this site for your travels.

Amazon Business: to have professional equipment delivered anywhere in the world

Amazon business offers access to more than 250 million products and a selection reserved for professionals, competitive prices, fast delivery and many other advantages! I invite you to discover all that you can benefit from with Amazon Business for your business (with VAT and employee management)!

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