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Professional life is made up of changes, new perspectives and innovative projects geared towards a single goal: growth. Digital developments push professionals to constantly seek new solutions to improve themselves. What if you too took advantage of the new resources to grow your business and your employees? To do this, have you considered a LinkedIn company training?

For several years now, new prospecting and sales techniques have emerged thanks to the rise of social networks. In BtoB, LinkedIn is the most popular platform to find new customers, develop your brand image and build you a reliable and solid professional network.

Today, in this article, find out why invest in LinkedIn company training and train your employees and salespeople in this great tool, to boost your business or give it a new lease of life.

1- LinkedIn in business: why?

To prospect, what do you do? Do you buy lists of phone numbers or emails and send your salespeople to do cold prospecting? Have you established a prospecting plan relevant ? And how do you go about recruiting? Do you access public market offers and spend a lot of time looking for the ideal candidate? Know that there is a great tool, which will change the professional habits of all your employees, on every floor of your company: LinkedIn. How? ‘Or’ What ? This is what we will see here by detailing the possibilities of LinkedIn, its advantages in business and how this social network can boost your activity.

a- What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network focused on professional life. Founded in 2003, the platform was initially a network where people posted their CVs. With only a few thousand members across the globe in its early days, LinkedIn has gradually seen its population skyrocket to reach 660 million users to date (source: LinkedIn key figures )!

Much more than an online CV host, LinkedIn has been able to adapt to demand and has implemented many features that have won over users. Complete and interactive, LinkedIn is a social network where everything is possible professionally:

  • Find clients;
  • Recruit;
  • Find a job ;
  • Promote your business;
  • Organize events ;
  • Etc.

On LinkedIn, several offers are available. You can opt for a basic account, that is to say free, with the basic functionalities. This type of account, to be effective according to your objectives, requires knowing certain settings in order to be able to make the most of its resources. You can also choose one of the Premium, therefore paid, LinkedIn subscriptions:

  • Sales Navigator , which allows you to laser target your target customers and generate leads;
  • Recruiter Lite, which allows you to recruit talent by accessing the hidden market;
  • Job Seeker, for those looking for a job;
  • Business, which allows you to extend and solidify your professional network.

The potential of LinkedIn is simply immense!

b- Employees and LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, anything is possible! All layers of the professional sphere are represented, and the diversity of the network makes fertile ground for all businesses. Integrating your employees into the use of this tool will undoubtedly transform your activity in a positive way.

Your salespeople will be able, with Sales Navigator and a real LinkedIn prospecting strategy, generate qualified leads, transform them into prospects and then into customers . The great advantage of LinkedIn is the ease with which it is possible to contact decision-makers directly. Finished the barrage of or the secretary who blocks the whole prospecting process. With LinkedIn, your sales reps can start the conversation directly with the right people.

Recruiters and human resources managers in your company will be able, thanks to Recruiter Lite or Recruiter, to make profitable their use of LinkedIn by finding the best talents, those who will bring added value to your activity.

For your part, the Business Plus account will be a great asset to develop your network, to forge new partnerships and to have new avenues of reflection for the development of your business.

LinkedIn Premium or other tools are just tools! They are nothing without involved employees, a methodology, a strategy and trained employees. In my support or training, I focus on supporting the paradigm shift, removing blockages for employees, training them to integrate the LinkedIn tool into their daily lives so that it is not an Umpteenth tool, but the evolution of their profession with today’s tools.

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2- A LinkedIn company training: how does it work?

By choosing to offer LinkedIn company training to your employees, you kill two birds with one stone. In fact, you will on the one hand encourage your employees to take part in the commercial development of your company, and on the other hand significantly increase your results thanks to this innovative and motivating drive. LinkedIn will unite your teams around your common goals.

Calling on an expert to lead a LinkedIn workshop or training within your company is an effective way to bring together all the actors in your activity for a common goal: to use LinkedIn to advance professionally.

a- LinkedIn company training to learn how to use the professional social network

LinkedIn’s business potential is immense. Everyone in your business can use this tool to do quality work that will stay ahead of your competition. Responsive and present on a platform where 64% of the French working population interacts, your employees will have all the keys to achieve their objectives and, with you, develop the activity under the best auspices.

The first phase of the project is therefore to teach your employees how to use LinkedIn correctly. Among these learnings, there are:

  • The LinkedIn prospecting , how to use LinkedIn to generate a steady flow of customers over the next few years;
  • The creation of a perfect LinkedIn profile , designed as a real sales page, which will attract visitors and push them to make contact;
  • the social selling and all the elements that make it up, to learn how to distribute high added value content in order to attract your target customers;
  • Little-known settings to configure for optimal use of the social network;
  • The basics of publishing, LinkedIn algorithm and good practices in terms of interactions;
  • Personal branding, so that each of your employees knows and gives the best of themselves, for maximum fulfillment;
  • And many others…

With their new knowledge, your employees will be able to deploy new efforts on LinkedIn and re-engage their motivation, their goals and their way of working.

b- LinkedIn company training to question yourself

The advantage of a LinkedIn workshop or a LinkedIn company training is to allow employees to question their use of the social network. After all, maybe some of your employees are already on LinkedIn, but don’t know how to use it properly.

Many think that LinkedIn is just a platform for posting your CV online and describing your professional experiences. Quite the contrary!

LinkedIn is a gigantic database, a hub of professional information and a territory where opportunities abound for those who know how to find them, provoke them and harvest them.


During the LinkedIn company training, your employees and the LinkedIn expert will thus be able to exchange. Your sales teams are wondering how to prospect online, they who were used to more traditional prospecting? The LinkedIn expert will offer them exercises, scenarios, and give them lots of advice to show them that on LinkedIn… nothing is impossible!

The same goes for your human resources. The money you spend on finding new employees is not paying for itself? Are you taking too long to find replacements? Is a position vacant in your company and you are having trouble finding the ideal candidate? LinkedIn is the perfect solution to your problem. Around discussions, demonstrations and valuable tips, your recruitment department will never be the same!

c- LinkedIn company training to create a tailor-made process

After learning the features of LinkedIn, created perfect user profiles, understanding the challenges of social selling LinkedIn and performed exercises, practice will be the next step!

The LinkedIn expert will offer you a unique process, based on your activity, your objectives and your desires, in order to set up a tailor-made strategy in your company . With LinkedIn, you and your teams will daily perform concrete, simple tasks that will gradually promote your image on the web, bring you new customers, promote your Business Development , recruit, etc.

3- LinkedIn company training in your image

At Proinfluent, we listen to your needs, desires, context, specificities to offer you an adapted training both on the content and on the format of transmission of expertise. The goal is not for this to be an Umpteenth training course in which employees forget 80% of the next day’s content: NO!

I thought of a learning methodology that allows the employee to be involved and to apply the lessons to have a result.

4- LinkedIn company training: support possible by your OPCO

Did you know that you can benefit from supporting corporate LinkedIn training, through your OPCO? Let’s do a check in.

a- DataDock, what is it?

Created by training funders, the DataDock database brings together all quality training courses meeting 21 indicators according to 6 essential quality criteria.

To be “DataDocked”, training must respond positively to quality criteria, and all the documents which refer to it must be certified as compliant by DataDock.

A DataDocked training is the assurance of following high quality professional training, which respects all the regulations in force and puts customer satisfaction at the center of its work.

The LinkedIn company training of Proinfluent is part of the DataDockées training. You are therefore certain to call on a professional, qualitative training organization in accordance with the legislation.

b- OPCO: what is it?

An OPCO is a skills operator who will finance various vocational training courses for your employees, and for yourself, with the personal training account. There are 11 skill operators, which are broken down by sector of activity. To find out which OPCO you depend on, all you have to do is consult the official government website, work section or ask your accounting or human resources department.

Each year, you and your employees pool a training budget that ends on December 31. You can thus benefit from the funding of training sessions annually, to learn new skills.

Your OPCO may support some or all of the corporate LinkedIn training. To find out more, just make an appointment in our agenda . Together, we will do a complete audit of your LinkedIn business training need, and start building your OPCO file if necessary!

Know that we take care of the development of your file from A to Z, even the relationship with organizations to make you as light as possible! It is a Premium Proinfluent service offered.

LinkedIn company training: to conclude

Work habits have changed, and for many it is time to renew themselves. To put the odds on your side, get off on the right foot and breathe new life into the work of your entire company and your teams, choose the LinkedIn company training program from Proinfluent. Funded by your OPCO and DataDock certified, LinkedIn company training will teach you how to find new customers, spread your brand image, recruit new talents, use social selling And much more. To learn more, visit the LinkedIn company training page, and contact us to discuss your project !

To discuss your training needs, simply make an appointment in our agenda:

LinkedIn company training: in 3 questions

Qu'est-ce qu'une formation LinkedIn entreprise ?

Using LinkedIn in business is an excellent way to diversify your prospecting, recruiting, monitoring channels, etc. A LinkedIn company training will teach your employees to use the web’s most powerful tool for professionals.

Puis-je faire financer ma formation LinkedIn entreprise ?

Sure ! With the DataDock label and your OPCO, the LinkedIn company training of is supported. Perfect for keeping your cash flow intact and accessing all the opportunities of the world’s largest professional social network!

Pourquoi investir dans une formation LinkedIn entreprise ?

LinkedIn is a gigantic database, updated in real time, which enables every user, whatever their professional goal, to achieve spectacular results. Don’t wait any longer, train your teams and yourself on this platform.

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Considéré comme l’expert LinkedIn™ n°1 en francophonie, j’ai aidé plus de 10 000 personnes à améliorer leur visibilité sur LinkedIn™ et à générer de réelles opportunités professionnelles.

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