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Prospecting tools: 5 tools used by btob professionals


Want to convert more leads, automate time-consuming tasks, and boost your performance? From making contact to signing a contract, commercial prospecting in b2b is a set of methods that sometimes take a lot of time. To get better results and overtake your competitors, discover the 5 most formidable btob prospecting tools !

Prospecting tools: 5 tools used by btob professionals

1. Hubspot™ prospecting software

What is Hubspot™?

Hubspot is a software that allows you to manage your digital marketing, but also your sales and the contact details of your prospects (e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) like a CRM. It is a database that brings together several tools in order to automate or perform many tasks more efficiently. Its objective is to generate more visits to your website in order to convert your leads into prospects and then into customers through a sale.

Hubspot™ is therefore aimed at all companies, regardless of their scale and field of activity. However, it is a software that advocates and applies an inbound marketing strategy , that is to say that it attracts visitors to your website, your social networks or your business thanks to a well-defined commercial strategy. This is the only condition to be aware of before subscribing to Hubspot™. Indeed, it cannot make you more effective if your business strategy is based on the pillars of outbound marketing.

prospecting tools

This b2b prospecting tool brings together many features to manage each stage of the purchasing cycle. No more juggling between your marketing software, your sales software and your database. Indeed, everything is brought together in the online platform.

Intuitive and fairly easy to use, Hubspot™ is also a responsive and available customer service, which answers calls and your questions by phone or directly online.

Concretely, what is Hubspot™ for?

Hubspot™ allows you to:

  • Better manage your social media pages with post scheduling and automation ;
  • Optimize your online content (website page, blog articles, landing page, etc.) by establishing a keyword strategy and analyzing the referencing of your website;
  • Easily carry out relevant e-mailing campaigns and manage the sending of each email;
  • Create attractive landing pages, which arouse the interest of the prospect;
  • Link your Hubspot™ account to your site, your professional blog;
  • Practice marketing automation (automation of tasks) thanks to the autopilot mode.

Are you generating leads through emailing ? Discover in a moment the preferred tool for salespeople that allows you to send thousands of personalized emails in just a few clicks!

2. B2B prospecting on LinkedIn™

A free prospecting tool: your LinkedIn™ profile

LinkedIn™ is the most powerful tool for btob prospecting! Essential, it allows you to prospect for free and find leads and prospects. In concrete terms, with your LinkedIn™ profile it is possible to:

  • Target your prospects thanks to the many search filters (school, job, geographical location, level of studies, etc.);
  • Disseminate quality and relevant content;
  • Interact with your prospects and contact them by message;
  • Present your offer and find new customers!

Did you know that LinkedIn™ is like a gigantic professional database (over 800 million members worldwide). You have free access to information about a person or a company. The data is updated in real time by the members themselves! In addition, with LinkedIn™ you can easily target and contact your potential customers.

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To go further, you can subscribe to a LinkedIn™ Premium offer such as Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn™ sales navigator

This is a tool to optimize your commercial prospecting and improve your conversion rate. VSThis paid feature of LinkedIn™ is one of the favorite resources for salespeople who target, follow and then contact their prospects directly on the professional social network.

Worldwide, LinkedIn™ brings together 58 million companies, including 2 million VSEs . In France, there are 840,000 companies present on LinkedIn™, the ideal place to unearth your prospects and obtain business appointments.

LinkedIn™ sales navigator is a particularly effective sales prospecting tool whose primary function is intelligent contact making. Thanks to its functionalities and targeting techniques, you get the information you need to contact the prospect at the right time and thus hit the mark.

This prospecting tool is available in 3 packages (annual or monthly) which are all chargeable, however, a one-month free trial is available under certain conditions.

What are the features of LinkedIn™ sales navigator?

This paid version of LinkedIn™ helps you achieve your business goals by offering several actions:

  • Send Inmails, that is, messages to LinkedIn™ members who are not part of your network. To find out how to write a relevant Inmail, it’s here !
  • Follow the news of your contacts (change of position, company, certification, etc.);
  • Target companies, qualified prospects thanks to numerous search filters (keywords, geographical location, position in the company, level of studies, years of experience, language, etc.);
  • See who viewed your profile in the last 90 days;
  • Classify and tag your b2b prospects in a list with keywords or strategic information;
  • Synchronize your exchanges and your data in your CRM tool, in order to maintain a privileged customer relationship with each of them;
  • Interact live with people on your team using the Team feature.

To learn more about LinkedIn™ sales navigator, discover our LinkedIn™ premium article.

prospecting tools

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3. Waalaxy™

What is Waalaxy™?

Waalaxy is one of the most up-to-date prospecting tools of the moment. Indeed, this Google extensionChrome allows multi-channel prospecting (e-mail + LinkedIn), in order to exploit the two most powerful channels in btob and maximize your performance!

The main objective of Waalaxy™ is to save you time in your prospecting, by automating certain time-consuming tasks. Note, however, that automating does not necessarily mean mass sending identical messages and e-mails. Today, software adapts and relies on personalization and individualization in order to better satisfy them.

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Waalaxy™ has 4 packages including a free one which allows access to the basic functionalities and familiarization with the tool before opting for a more powerful solution.

prospecting tools

What are the features of Waalaxy™?

Waalaxy™ is a French tool, easy to use, it takes care of:

  • Relaunch your b2b prospects on LinkedIn™, Twitter™ or by e-mail automatically;
  • Automate scenarios, sequences (for example, send an invitation then a LinkedIn™ message two days later) from the models offered or according to your own strategies;
  • Automate the sending of invitations (up to 700 per week), messages and e-mail;
  • Collect the data (email address, telephone) of your prospects from your LinkedIn™ account in compliance with the GDPR law;
  • Personalize your LinkedIn™ messages, emails and invitations;
  • Export prospect data to your CRM tool to update each new information;
  • Follow a LinkedIn™ profile;
  • Simulate visiting a LinkedIn™ profile to attract attention;
  • Import your LinkedIn™ contacts;
  • Benefit from numerous models of e-mails and prospecting messages.

Do you want more information about this software? How to use it ? How to install it? Check out our full Waalaxy™ article!

4. The Visitor Queue™ digital prospecting tool

What is Visitor Queue™?

Did you know that on average 98% of people who visit your website are not converted into customers? Exactly, Visitor Queue helps you fix that and convert your qualified leads. It is a B2B lead generation software that transmits the contact details and data of users who visit your website.

Thanks to this online prospecting tool, you won’t miss any opportunity to close a sale! Indeed, you know the purchasing behavior of your leads and what they are looking for precisely on your site thanks to the recognition of keywords.

For example, you spot a company that spends a lot of time researching your training. Thanks to Visitor Queue™, you see that this same company performed the same searches on your site last week. The user may need help subscribing or is waiting for a possible promotional offer. In any case, this is the time to contact him (online or via the contact details collected) in order to show him that you are there to help him and possibly adjust your sales pitch according to his words (offer him a special , to pay in several monthly installments if his budget is limited for example).

In terms of pricing, you have the choice between 5 packages paying monthly or yearly. However, a 15-day free trial is also available, ideal for testing its effectiveness in your prospecting.

What are the features of Visitor Queue™?

Visitor Queue™ is also a great prospecting tool that allows you to:

  • Analyze your site traffic;
  • Understand the purchasing behavior of visitors;
  • Know the key query of the company that visits your site (what it is looking for);
  • Collect data and contact details (e-mail, social networks, telephone) of B2B prospects;
  • Filter visitors to generate only qualified leads;
  • Contact your b2b customers via different means of contact (LinkedIn™, e-mail, telephone, business meeting);
  • Propose solutions adapted to each prospect so that they go on to sell;
  • Share your list of prospects with your salespeople and your team;
  • Easily export information to your database (CRM tool) in order to feed and update it permanently.
prospecting tools

5. The Woodpecker™ sales prospecting solution

What is Woodpecker™?

This tool is ideal if your company uses cold e-mailing to generate b2b leads . Thanks to Woodpecker, automate your campaigns and send thousands of emails in just minutes!

Intuitive, it has a clean navigation interface as well as detailed performance reports. It is not a question of sending the same content to each prospect, but of personalizing your emails as much as possible in order to generate an effective opening rate.

The detailed follow-up of your prospecting campaigns thus makes it possible to evaluate their performance and to adjust the shooting if necessary.

Three subscriptions are available, however, for a company, the price is revealed only on estimate.

What are the features of Woodpecker™?

Concretely Woodpecker™ allows to:

  • Create personalized emailing campaigns in a few clicks;
  • Automate sending (date, time) and reminders;
  • Combine the tool with other software to strengthen your prospecting;
  • Analyze the results of your campaigns;
  • Classify your contacts and their data;
  • Integrate contact data into your CRM tool;
  • Bulk send thousands of emails in just minutes.
prospecting tools

Prospecting tools to conclude

Prospecting tools are used to automate non-value added tasks, facilitate customer conversion and strengthen your sales force to save you time and efficiency. Here are the 5 prospecting tools adopted by b2b salespeople:
  • Hubspot™: like a CRM, it is a database that allows you to create and automate many functions. Managing your social networks, creating and planning an emailing campaign, evaluating the referencing of your site, optimizing your content, it’s a bit like the Swiss army knife of prospecting tools. Very intuitive, it is perfect for companies with a large enough budget to prospect.
  • LinkedIn™ sales navigator: one of the premium versions of LinkedIn™, this tool allows you to optimize your prospecting on the social network. It is possible to target your searches with precision, send Inmails and see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days, for example.
  • Waalaxy™: this is a software that allows you to manage two prospecting channels (LinkedIn™ and emailing). Thanks to it, you automate scenarios, reminders and sending personalized messages, you collect data from your contacts and import them directly into your CRM.
  • Visitor Queue™: allows you to accurately identify visitors to your site, collect their information and analyze their purchasing behavior. So you know what they’re looking for, how long they spend on your site, and how many times they’ve viewed it. Ideal for identifying hot prospects and making contact!
  • Woodpecker™: one of the best mailing tools on the market, thanks to it, you create your emailing campaigns quickly, you plan your emails and follow-ups while producing personalized content.

Prospecting tools to summarize in 5 questions

What is the best prospecting tool?

Prospecting tools save time and improve performance. However, it is a question of choosing the tool which corresponds to your way of prospecting. Indeed, if you mainly use cold emailing, LinkedIn™ or calling to generate leads, the software to use will not be the same.

Anyway, LinkedIn™ in free or premium version is a tool full of resources, which brings together millions of professionals around the world. In other words, it’s the perfect place to target your prospects, contact them and follow their news!

What are the tools of a salesperson?

In BtoB, the salesperson uses several tools in order to carry out his prospecting:

  • Woodpecker™: an e-mailing campaign automation tool and reminders if necessary;
  • Trello™: the interactive digital calendar so you don’t forget any appointments and share events with your team;
  • LinkedIn™ sale navigator: ideal for targeting a prospect and making contact;
  • Waalaxy™: a tool that allows you to prospect on LinkedIn™ and by email. Automate scenarios, requests for invitations and sending personalized messages and save time!
  • Visitor Queue™: identify and then analyze the companies that visit your website. Collect their contact details, visualize their searches and the time they spend on your site.

How do you prospect?

Prospecting is a commercial strategy aimed at expanding its clientele and boosting its activity. Here are the stages of prospecting:

  • Target profiles then establish a file of qualified prospects;
  • Define the most effective means of action and resources in order to reach each prospect (professional meeting, phoning, social networks, mailing);
  • Identify and respond to customer needs and expectations. Know how to respond to objections;
  • Retain the customer or take advantage of his failure to adjust the shot and rework his offer.

How to prospect for BtoB customers?

First, it should be noted that prospecting in b2b requires a more individual approach than in b2c. It is indeed necessary to know his interlocutor, the company in which he works, his news and his history in order to identify with precision his expectations and to propose adequate solutions. It is a real work of reflection before the appointment.

Knowing how to make contact at the right time with the right support is also necessary in b2b prospecting. For example, don’t send a LinkedIn™ message to a profile that doesn’t use social media, contact them by email instead. Similarly, don’t try to sell your service or product if the prospect isn’t qualified.

Then, develop a strategy to steer the negotiations in your favor and try to have a fallback solution if you cannot close the sale.

How to develop a prospecting plan?

Here are the 5 steps to developing an effective prospecting plan:

  • Precisely define your business objectives;
  • Qualify your ideal target;
  • Identify the channels, sites and places to prospect (where your potential customers are);
  • Prepare your scripts and arguments: all the content useful for your commercial prospecting;
  • Deploy your actions and measure the feedback in order to adjust your action plan as you go.

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