Video Marketing : 7 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn™

Video Marketing : 7 Tips for a Successful Video Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn™



Want to boost your content strategy on LinkedIn™? Does video appeal to you? And you’re looking for the best tips to integrate it into your marketing strategy. So the Proinfluent editorial team asked InVideo to share their tips with us. Here are their 7 tips for a successful video marketing campaign on LinkedIn™.

As a reminder, LinkedIn™ has over 774 million users throughout the globe. Facebook™ is currently one of the most popular social networks on the market today, based on user count alone.

Your organization’s brand recognition, network expansion, lead generation, and revenue generation are all dependent on how well your firm utilizes LinkedIn™. When there are so many new social networks popping up, LinkedIn™ is often overlooked. Yet it is a powerful tool when it comes to creating content for your social media channels.

This article is for you if you want to understand how to use LinkedIn™ effectively to build brand awareness, distribute your marketing materials, and grow your business. Check out these 7 LinkedIn™ video marketing tips.

Video Marketing

What Exactly is LinkedIn™: a Refresher

LinkedIn™ was launched in 2003 to help individuals improve their careers and share ideas. With the platform, you can easily interact with and exchange material with

  • other professionals,
  • such as co-workers,
  • and possible employers.

As a result, having your company listed on LinkedIn™ might be quite beneficial.

Why is LinkedIn™ Marketing Important for your Brand?

When you consider that buyers prefer to watch rather than read about a product or service, LinkedIn™ is an ideal medium for publishing videos. The most popular social media networks may be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they aren’t the only ones you should be utilizing.

Why is LinkedIn™ Marketing Important for your Brand?

If you don’t include LinkedIn™ , you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your potential customers. When it comes to marketing , LinkedIn™ produces 227% more leads than Facebook™ and Twitter™ combined, making it an absolute necessity for every business. The following is an overview for those who have never used LinkedIn™.

The Importance of Inbound Video Marketing on LinkedIn™

As with any inbound marketing effort, don’t make videos for fun. No matter how much time has passed since you began using video in your marketing, it’s never too late to get started.

The inbound video was first popularized in 2016, and its popularity has only grown since. In the next year and beyond, make sure you give it greater emphasis. For example, if you use this video marketing statistics guide, you’ll find that more than half of customers desire to view videos from companies.

If so, it suggests that these consumers prefer the video format over any other type of media. More than just emails, newsletters, social media photographs, or even material that can be downloaded and viewed at a later time. Your inbound video strategy should not be an afterthought when you realize that 500 million people view Facebook videos daily, according to Tubular Insights.

The Importance of Inbound Video Marketing on LinkedIn™

Although it’s obvious where inbound video belongs, it’s not just about brand recognition it’s about how you can do personal branding. When it comes to connecting and converting prospects as well as serving and delighting customers, inbound video is a natural fit within the new Flywheel model.

Consider the big picture when it comes to inbound video marketing. t’s not just about integrating video into your strategy for one specific area; rather, it’s about incorporating video into all aspects of the buyer’s journey, including sales teams.

It’s important for your content since you need to provide your audience with more than one option: reading material. They may not always have the time to read blogs, but seeing a one-minute video may convey the same idea and alleviate similar problems much more quickly.

7 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn™ Video Marketing Campaign

LinkedIn™ is a great way to drive traffic to your website, locate quality leads , pitch your knowledge through thought leadership articles, and expand your network . It’s also a terrific approach to advertise job opportunities and entice new employees to join your organization.

7 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn™ Video Marketing Campaign

To sum up, these are just some of the reasons why LinkedIn™ is a great platform for all organizations to use for marketing. So here is a complete guide for how to make a video for LinkedIn™ that is both successful & impactful. Let’s get started!

1. Share Educational Videos

The quality of leads you get from videos that actively promote your brand isn’t guaranteed to be better. It’s hard for people to enjoy being sold if they don’t receive anything in return.
Your clients are constantly ready to learn new things. Therefore you should use your videos to teach them. According to a recent Forbes article, there are more informative videos on YouTube™ than movies about pets and animals. How you communicate your message is the most critical component.

The most essential thing is to develop films that your audience will find beneficial. Unboxing videos may be used to demonstrate to clients what they will receive when they purchase from you, as an example.
Make instructional videos for your service as an alternative (four times as many customers would prefer this over a blog). You need to show off your uniqueness and provide a clear example for others to follow.

2. Live Streaming Videos

Live video popularity is on the rise. Surveys from Livestream show that most people prefer live video over any other kind of social media; viewers of all ages are now participating in live streaming video.

With live stream video content, you have the potential to engage with your audience in a more personal, spontaneous, and rapid way. There are several ways to utilize it, as well.

This is a great approach to communicating with your audience by broadcasting live events such as seminars or interviews. Using live video to broadcast information from industry and subject matter experts with the chance for questions and answers is a great way to demonstrate your thought leadership.

Use a live broadcast to get people interested in new or upcoming products or services. However, Twitter™ and Instagram™ are now fantastic alternatives to Facebook™ Live.

3. Conduct Webinars

Marketing relies heavily on webinars. You may adapt your content to certain persons and leads in a manner that results in conversion using these tools.

To build an audience over time, webinars also allow you to improve your engagement with viewers. You may display your knowledge in a compelling, meaningful, and dynamic manner by participating in a debate.

Long-form video content may be created and delivered in a passionate and fascinating manner via webinars. Moreover, with the video editing software, you can easily add edits to your pre-recorded webinar videos.

Nearly half (44 percent) of those who attend prefer 45-minute webinars with time for questions and answers at the conclusion. When it comes to making sales, think of these films as an opportunity. Only through demonstrating the value of your product or service and having real-time dialogues about who you are can your business succeed.

7 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn™ Video Marketing Campaign

For BtoB professionals who want to learn how to use the full potential of LinkedIn™, register for a free webinar 100% free and access real training led by Yannick BOUISSIERE (considered the LinkedIn™ expert n°1 in French-speaking ).

4. Leverage the Power of VR

Even though it’s mostly used in the gaming industry, virtual reality (VR) is becoming a valuable commercial tool as well. If you want to contact your consumers in a fresh and exciting manner, you may employ virtual reality (VR) material.

Virtual reality (VR) enables you to take consumers on tours of your showroom without them having to leave their homes. One outstanding example of VR on social media is 360 videos, which generate 41 percent more user activity than other types of videos.

Successful companies and brands are already using virtual reality (VR) to enhance consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The most important thing is to make the experience as participatory and immersive as possible. There are many applications for this technology.

5. Deploy Bite-Size Video Snippets

Keep your films to a maximum of three minutes or less, excluding webinars. If you want your content to be valuable, snappy, and bite-sized, you need to employ video. The reality is that videos that are little more than two minutes long are the most popular (Wistia 2016).

Engagement and attention begin to wane after that period. As a matter of fact, less than 60 percent of your viewers will stick around for a film that lasts 4-5 minutes. Customers have limited attention spans, making it critical to condense as much relevant information as possible into a concise style.

Regardless of medium or platform, you should strive to capture and maintain your viewers’ interest throughout your video. Using bite-sized material is advantageous since it is simpler to disseminate, remember, and reuse.

6. Create Mobile-Friendly Square Videos

Because of your horizontal or vertical film posts, you’ve been missing out on engagement and audience. On social media and your website, your customers prefer square videos.

For square videos, Buffer Social found that they received between 30 and 35 percent more views and 80 to 100 percent more engagement regardless of the content. What is it about square videos that makes them so popular? According to AdWeek, square videos occupy 78 percent more space in a person’s mobile news feed.

When it comes to advertising, think of it as a difference between buying a half-page advertisement in the middle of a magazine and a little ad in the bottom right-hand corner. Additionally, the cost of advertising to customers using square video is 7.5% cheaper on Facebook™ and 33% cheaper on Instagram™.

7. Post Interview Updates of Industry Experts

As a LinkedIn™ member, you can’t afford to miss the chance to hear from an expert in your industry on relevant topics. Get in contact with individuals you know and ask them for advice.

As an alternative, if you don’t already have a network of individuals to highlight in your films, use it as a chance to establish new ones. As a rule of thumb, most individuals are happy to oblige.
Identifying and tagging the interviewee in these recordings is of the highest significance. This gives viewers a better understanding of why they should care about your movie and will help it go viral. Keep your movies brief and sweet to keep your material fresh.


When it comes to using video to to advertise your business , whether you are just starting or have been using it for years, you need to have a strategy in place that defines goals and tasks, as well as rules for their interaction and criteria for success .

There is always a balance between the aim to improve audience reach and achieve an acceptable ROI, as well as the desire to actualize some creative ideas in a video and the genuine demands of a target audience.

As a result, a video marketing plan was created. You’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort if you want to produce video content. In contrast to this, LinkedIn™ reports that videos are shared 20 times more often than any other sort of content. As a result, it’s well worth the effort. LinkedIn™ video sharing is a must-do if you haven’t already.

Video marketing: to summarize in 4 questions

Comment faire une vidéo marketing ?

Here are the steps to make a marketing video:

  1. Define your communication objectives and the message to be conveyed through your video.
  2. Identify your target, that is to say the person who will view your media.
  3. Choose the type of video you want to make (tutorial, interviews, webinar, etc.)
  4. Write the script and define the shooting location.
  5. Film and edit the video.
  6. Broadcast the video on the media you have identified (social networks, site, email, etc.)

Pourquoi faire un montage vidéo ?

Video editing involves reshaping film footage to produce content that is easy and enjoyable to watch. Thus, video editing makes it possible to move or cut sequences, to add texts, subtitles and sounds.

Pourquoi faire une campagne vidéo ?

Integrating video into your marketing campaigns allows you to benefit from a powerful communication lever. Indeed, Internet users prefer to consume the video format which brings many advantages:

  • effective on desktop and mobile;
  • can communicate a lot of information;
  • easy to consume (requires less effort than reading text);
  • humanizes the relationship.

Comment faire une bonne campagne de vidéo marketing sur LinkedIn™ ?

Here are 7 tips for making a successful and impactful video for LinkedIn™:

  1. Share educational videos.
  2. Prioritize native videos.
  3. Organize webinars.
  4. Harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR).
  5. Deploy short video extracts (3 minutes max.).
  6. Create mobile-friendly square videos.
  7. Publish interview updates from industry experts.

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